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Who am I?

This question has haunted me for the past 3 years. As I experienced my first Saturn return (which usually occurs when we are around 29 years old) I have been forced to grow up and take responsibilities for my desire while regaining control of my life instead of being a spectator of it...

As a very empathic person, I caught myself doing and saying things in order to please people or to keep the peace in every situation. I would usually go above and beyond to help others without setting any boundaries in any area of my life.

It's only when I became a hair salon manager that I started to take ownership and responsibilities for my team and myself. Standing up to abusive clients was a very difficult challenge for me, yet it was a necessity as a leader to face any coming troubles.

In the meantime, I was dealing with some similar life lessons in my private life when I realized that the friendships I was involved were based on the wrong values and I was acting out of character most of the time. I would feel stressed, tired, resentful, disconnected and negative for no apparent reason; it was a part of my daily routine.

It took me experiencing a real heartbreaking event to stand up for myself and fully own who I am and cut out any toxic relationships/situations out of my life.

From the pain and the profound unhappiness and loneliness, I started to take on the journey of self discovery, promising myself to build a strong sense of identity that no one could ever take away from me. I quit my job and took a year off to fully focus on myself and follow my heart's desires.

I moved to Bondi, joined a yoga club, and started meditation, reading self-development books, listening to Abraham Hicks, following the law of attraction and took an astrology course. All of those activities turned my life upside down. I transitioned from having a victim mindset to a successful/positive mindset, shedding old layers of limiting beliefs to reveal the real me, leading to living my best life everyday since.

I have to say it wasn't easy! I had to overcome a strong ego, some hidden emotions from past trauma, and past educational conditioning - deep understanding was the key to my transformation. It's only by accepting/forgiving the past that we can be at peace in the present and create a brand new future!

I am grateful for this series of events that took place in the last 3 years as it helped me become the person that I am so proud of today. I found my values in honesty, respect and authenticity, and the universe has aligned me with beautiful, new, like-minded individuals, who I am so blessed to have in my life. I can truly say what didn't kill me, made me stronger and more resilient to face challenges that life brings, with powerful strength.

I am Melodie, a spiritual being, kind, philosophical, truthful, authentic, caring, generous. funny and a strong individual who has learnt to set healthy boundaries in her life in order to RESPECT herself and others with LOVE and COMPASSION.

I am left with only one more question: WHO ARE YOU?

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