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The power of journaling…

What a journey life has been since I awaken to the depth of my being. I didn't think that turning 30 and a trip to Bali would change my life forever.

Yet, here I am writing with an open heart and soul, sharing my truth in the most profound and authentic way I COULD EVER DREAMED OF.

Writing became a self-healing tool since I started my spiritual awakening and dived deeper into the core of who I am . I understood a lot about my personal feelings THROUGH WRITING. It helped me release deep emotions that were hidden inside my unconscious mind.

I started as a hobby, with the famous starting line, "DEAR DIARY" and just wrote whatever was on my mind on that day without any expectations nor proper guidance. What unfold after taking the first step was mind blowing. I discovered a powerful therapeutic outlet to unload any pain that would get stuck within me.

As an introvert, kind, soft person, I didn't feel strong enough to openly verbalized my needs or express my personal struggle to anyone from fear of confrontation, being judge or being a burden to anyone (content for the next story )

JOURNALING has helped me to put words on my feelings and unprocessed emotions. I became consciously aware of any blockages or emotional triggers. From digging deeper and getting clarity, I then found the courage within to express those issues out loud either by talking to a professional, friend or by openly WRITING about my struggles.

It has been 3 years since I first put pen to paper and I am confident to say that it has change my life and became my true passion. I always believed in the power of words and I am now able to express my truth with it.

Studying NLP(neuro. linguistic. programming) has also open my eyes to the power of the spoken or unspoken words and how it directly affects our nervous system and therefore our wellbeing. From that perspective, it became my conscious choice and my responsibility to switch my mental inner dialogue to the most kind and uplifting words, in order to heal myself inside/out.

From daily gratitude journaling to random Instagram post, writing is now an essential part of my life, helping me heal everyday by expressing my truth freely with LOVE.

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