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Body talk

Life is so short and filled with many challenges to overcome to expand our consciousness.

There is no such thing as good or bad...

Every given moment in life is a learning experience and the process should be enjoyed like there is no tomorrow!

There is only one body, one mind and one spirit per individual. Either you spend a lifetime feeling “out of wack” OR you take responsibility for it.

It’s up to YOU to shift your focus on making those three aspects at your service, to create the best life experience that you deserve.

Life is all about choices and perspectives. It is hard to be a stranger in your own body and mind so you may as well try to get along with both in a spiritual way.

I know that radical acceptance is not easy but it will certainly set you free from all expectations and suffering.

Those harsh judgements of yourself vibrate negatively on your cells which in the long run, turn into pain and trauma. Something to remember is where attention goes, energy grows...

What would you like to grow in your life LOVE or HATE?

Not saying it is easy to fully accept a fat body, a face with acne or being extra skinny, but to accept that YOU create your reality based on your lower vibrations is KEY to begin long terms changes.

The more you make peace with your current state of being, and accept

your reflection in the mirror, the more you shift your vibrations to positive ones.

The positive feelings will then multiply and create a brand new reality from inside-out.

Remember, your body is your temple and wants nothing more than good physical and mental health for you, so you can live your best life for longer 💖

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